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Our beloved child photographer Jenny Widmaier is excited to offer exclusive digital file packages to Alice Park Photography clients! Consistent with the quality and level of service Alice Park Photography clients are accustomed to, these sessions are ideal for families who are a bit more savvy with printing their own imagery but want the same custom style sessions.

You asked and we listed! Read on below for details.

What: A custom on-location session with Jenny Widmaier that will include 30-40 finished and full retouched digital files

When: Limited weekday and weekend dates this Fall 2017!

Pricing: $200 for the session fee. $799 for all of the digital files

Sign Up: Email is at to book your custom session with Jenny! Space is incredibly limited. Please email us today to secure your session with Jenny!


Hello, friends! It’s Alice. Something you may not know about me is that I serve on on the Coca-Cola Scholars Alumni Advisory Board. This year I wanted to host an inspired workshop for our inventive alumni group. With the help of a few fellow creatives a 1-day creativity camp, for an intimate group of 20 alumni, was produced with style!

Last weekend, my creative circle came together to host Creativity Camp for Coca-Cola Scholars. We shared our knowledge of the topics of photography, hand-lettering, leather craftsmanship, and improvisation. The purpose of these exercises was to take a departure from the daily grind and to explore ways of infusing creativity into our everyday life.

As adults it’s often challenging to find time to refuel that sense of wonder. Life gets busy, work and schedules consume us.

I’d love to challenge you all to take out those old coloring books this weekend. Paint. Draw. Make a mess with your kids, and don’t be afraid of slowing down time and putting those never-ending commitments on hold to just … be.


Keynote Event / Improvisation: Albert Lawrence
Elevating Your Photography: Alice Park
Hand Lettering: Kristen Smith
Leather Workshop: Liana and Mike Hall, of Maycomb Mercantile

For everyone who lives in the Morningside/Virginia Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta, this family treehouse may be a familiar site to you.  I use to pass this incredible magical structure everytime I walked Lyon to Haygood.

I have adored photographing this family every Summer, and in the center of all of our favorite photographs is this very treehouse that dad built for his 4 boys.

So special….

I never quite understood the magic behind these beloved animals, blankies, and lovies until having my own children.  Lyon and Elise each (still) have their special comfort items, and meeting the sweet children in studio last month to document their little friends was so very special to me.

A few of some of our favorites from that morning…


Our team was so thrilled to announce our newest mini-session series last year. Demand was so overwhelming that we are offering it again this year: A Lovie Story 2017.  Signup is now available for this exclusive offering!  Details below.

The Idea:  Every child has a special blankie, lovie, or toy that they just can not live without.  It brings her comfort when she needs it most and it goes whenever she goes.  Worn, exhausted, but so very loved.

Join us in studio for 20 minutes as Alice Park captures your child and her most loved possessions.  We will capture about 15 modern portraits of your child and family.  Siblings welcome, parents welcome, and outfit changes welcome.

Pricing:  $125 for the session fee.  Collections begin at $650.

Date:  July 15, 2017

Location:  Our Atlanta studio location

Signup:  Space is limited!  Email us at to reserve your session.