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Alice’s Easter Egg Silhouette DIY with Free Printable!


You Will Need:
Wooden Eggs (or real ones!)
Scissors or an X-acto
1 Tube White Craft Paint
Several tubes of your favorite craft paint colors
Contact Paper
Printed Silhouette of Your Child (make sure you’ve sized it to fit on the egg – about 1 and 1/4″ tall!)
Alice’s Free Printable Silhouette Sheet


1. First, cover a small area of each egg with white paint. Make sure the white area will be larger than your silhouette! This will be what shows through at the end. You may need a few coats.


2. While your paint is drying, gather your silhouettes. You can use a photo of your own child, or download my Free Printable!

* Download Free Printable Here! *

3. Cut out a square of contact paper, and lay it over the silhouettes, clear side up. Trace the outline of each silhouette with a non-smudgy marker.
4. Then, carefully cut out each silhouette.


5. Peel off the backing of the contact paper and press it onto the white surface of your egg. You may need to use your palm to apply pressure.


6. Time for colors! Select your desired color and sweep the paint from the center of the silhouette outward – this will ensure that you have nice, clean edges.


7. Finish covering the egg in paint, and repeat steps 5 and 6 on the rest of the eggs.

EasterDIY_10EasterDIY_118. Give your eggs a good amount of time to dry, then use the tip of your x-acto blade to lift the silhouette off of the egg. Slowly and carefully peel, and use the blade to cut any stray paint.


9. And voila! You have gorgeous silhouettes for this year’s decor! One great idea would be to take an updated silhouette photo of your child every year and start a collection.



Hope to see all of your Easter Egg Silhouettes this year!

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