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Session Details FAQ:

Q:  What are favorite ages and milestones to capture?

Alice’s favorite ages to capture are the newborn phase (around 10 days), seven months, and one year.  She also loves 18 months, two years and three years.

Q:  How far in advance does Alice book?

Typically, Alice books about four-six weeks in advance.  In the busy fall season, her calendar fills up about two months in advance.

Q:  Does Alice work weekends?

Due to Alice’s busy shooting schedule and involvement with NAPCP that fills her week, she likes to devote her weekends to her family and children. Sessions are typically scheduled Tuesdays – Fridays.

Q:  What is included in the session fee?

Alice’s session fee includes her time and talent during our photo shoot, a pre-session consultation, and a private ordering appointment with our design consultant. All products are sold a la carte.

Q:  Do you offer digital files?

Digital files are available, but they are not amongst the speciality products offered within our studio. We are a boutique studio that specializes in creating custom pieces for clients: heirloom albums, beautifully designed birth announcements, stunning pieces of art that grace our client’s homes. Our clients love walking away with finished pieces that they know will someday be passed down to their children.

Q:  Describe your photo sessions.

In every childhood, there are dragons to slay, tea parties to host, and bedtime best friends to introduce. Alice adores the little things that make children smile and believes that all children – big and tiny, have stories to tell.

Alice effortlessly blends herself into her subject’s world of make-believe and let their imaginations soar. Photo sessions become playdates, and the connections she makes with them transform into stunning images that depict who he or she is at that age. Alice loves documenting the little things with the big picture in mind: their magical stories.

Q:  What time of day do you typically like to schedule the session?

Generally, sessions are scheduled around mornings and around nap schedules.

Q:  What if it rains on our scheduled session date?

Should it rain during a scheduled session date, Alice is happy to open her calendar to her next availability.

Q:  What if my child is sick on our scheduled session date?

Alice will never pursue a scheduled session a child is sick or ill. The session will be rescheduled to her next availability.

Q:  How quickly after my session can I see the images?  

Images are available for viewing within two to three weeks of a session date.

Q:  Do you specialize in just albums?  What if I want to decorate my entire home with wall galleries?

Our albums are certainly our signature products and what clients request most often, but we also love creating fine art imagery for your walls. Both Alice and our design consultant will work with you to fill your home with stunning pieces that will make your heart happy every time you pass by them.