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Alice’s Maternity Must-Haves!



I have to admit… Although at 38 weeks I’m not absolutely loving this stage in the pregnancy, this baby has been so much easier on me than with Lyon.  I think it’s a combination of me being so much more relaxed and understanding what my body needs.

The above were some of my must-have essentials that kept me feeling energized and loving every second of this pregnancy!

1.  Comfortable Maternity Wear – I’ve had a lot of fun with this.  My go-to’s are the ever popular Gap Maternity, JCrew, H&M, Izzy Maternity, but recently – I discovered this fabulous new line from Hatch Collection that produces beautiful wear for before, during & after your pregnancy. Brilliant!

2.  Pregnancy Workout DVDs – Around 18 weeks into my pregnancy, I started to experience a lot of lower back pain.  It was the way this baby was growing that made it so hard for me physically… and I knew it was just going to get worse.  So, I started working out for 20-30 minutes a day, and the pain almost immediately went away.  In fact, I felt so much more energy, and it helped me keep the excess weight off.  Perhaps it’s carrying a baby girl that’s different, or that I started exercising daily, but because I’m about 10-15lbs lighter this pregnancy has made it so much easier on me during the last summer month!  Here were my 2 favorites:  here and here.

3.  Biggest Pregnancy Craving:  Watermelon.  I can eat a whole one every day.  And I have!

4.  Belly Band – this has been a life savor during my photo shoots where I’m required to squat up and down, run around chasing toddlers, and get into all kinds of awkward pregnancy positions to achieve a shot.  I never realized how physical my job was until I started to feel the strain it put on my lower back & belly.  This band helped me continue shooting amazingly until 37 weeks!

5.  Mustela for Stretch Marks – a powerful weapon that helps keep marriages together.  True story.

6.  Maxi Dresses – I have been living in these this entire summer.  My favorite finds have been from Old Navy & Gap of all places! And I love that I can continue wearing these after the pregnancy through the rest of the summer.

7.  Mobile Apps – I admit that I haven’t been as in-tune with this pregnancy than with my first (probably because I’m constantly running after my first!), but both of these apps have been wonderful in keeping me up to speed with what I’ve been experiencing and how this baby has been growing.

8.  The summer has definitely drained me during this last trimester.  Staying hydrated has never been more important; I can definitely feel it when I haven’t had at least 8 glasses of water per day.  Favorite water bottles that I tote with me everywhere has made it easy to stay on top of it!

9.  And lastly, preparing my 3 year old – who has not experienced anything but complete 100% attention from both dad & I – was a big priority for me this pregnancy.  I know his world is just about to rock, but I think we’re prepared for it thanks to these favorite books and more!

What have been some of your favorite must-haves during your pregnancy?

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