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And then there were 3…

Last year, Kyu and I were busy running around growing our businesses.  NAPCP had just hit the ground, and our heads were fixated on building it.   Alice Park Photography was in its 4th year, and I was thrilled to be occupied with non-stop shooting…  The 2 of us were insanely busy – they were both our babies.

Along the way, we kept asking ourselves if we were ready to start a family.  “No, we’re too busy right now with NAPCP.”  “Our finances are not where we want them to be.”  “I haven’t lost enough weight to begin gaining an extra 40 lbs.”  Ok, maybe the last wasn’t a concern for Kyu – but it was an important issue to me. 🙂

We realized after a dozen excuses that timing was never going to be right, so we decided to put it into God’s hands.  And the amazing God that He is, we got pregnant soon after…  It was time.

The nine months that followed became an incredible journey for us both.  Some highlights I managed to capture with my iphone along the way:

1.  Soon after we found out we were pregnant, I went on a girl’s beach trip in Rosemary.  There, they surprised me with a very lovely first baby shower.  I felt so loved.

2.  Working with my growing belly proved to be nothing short of amazing.  Finally, I could share my experiences with the experiences my clients had.  Reason #501 why I love my job.

3.  Around the 5 month mark, I started to experience a very rare, but evil pregnancy ailment called PUPPPs.  I was miserable, but hopeful for a remedy.  After a series of steroid treatments, visits to the dermatologist, trying every topical lotion and cream on the market, I found my answer in an online mommy chat room.  The women were undergoing what I was, and they all swore by these two natural herbs for relief.  Already at my wits end, I tried it and guess what?  One week later, it was gone.  Hallelujah.

4.  My sister-in-law advised me to swim when I could so that I could get off my feet as I got heavier.  I went once and I was hooked…  I started swimming 5x’s a week all the way to my 40th week and felt amazing.  It was like floating on air.

5.  Kyu and I took almost every single baby prep class offered at the hospital.  And we still felt unprepared.  Who knew?

6.  My amazing OB (who probably has *the* best bedside manners ever) and my favorite nurse, Rashita.  Rashita just delivered her 5th baby, but promised to come back from her maternity leave early just so she could see me during my last trimester.  Love that group.

7.  Close college friends who threw me the sweetest baby shower with the messiest but tastiest cupcakes ever.

8.  During my last month, we *finally* closed on our house.  To have made it before the baby came was nothing short of a miracle.  We have our agent to thank.

9.  The day we received the keys to our new home, we quickly drove over and celebrated with McDonald’s in the room where our dining room table would be.  It was a sweet moment.

10. Lion cupcakes at a very special baby shower.  We don’t know how they caught on to the name “Lyon” we had chosen, but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless.

11. I photographed one of my favorite client’s newborn session during my 39th week.  It was a bonding experience for us both, if anything, as I was about to go through exactly what she had gone through days before.  And I felt great squatting up and down, getting down low to the ground for those tight shots, and keeping up with big sister Harper, who was 2.

12. One last snap shot of Kyu and I before I was induced.  It was the last time it would be just he and I, and we were so excited…

During our trip to Rosemary Beach, my BFF Mandy Johnson surprised me by taking me out for some maternity photos.  These were taken during my 28th week – perfect timing as I was showing a bump then, but not feeling overwhelmingly uncomfortable.

Some favorites of ours:

And on April 21st at 6:23 pm – after being in labor for about 14 hours, our little bundle of joy arrived:

Christian “Lyon” Park.  He is our little angel.

So, after nine months of mentally preparing for one of the biggest days of our life, Kyu and I smile at one another with a big sigh as we look towards our life as a family ahead.  Because now, there are 3.


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