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Inspiring Nurseries: 2012

I am fortunate to be able to work with clients who have some of the most impeccable taste.  Of course they do, they chose me to document their family photos 😉  J/k

I did a fun post in 2009, highlighting some of my favorite client nurseries.  I love including a photograph of the child’s nursery or room for their albums as I feel it’s an important element of their childhood.  And it wasn’t until designing Lyon’s room when I fully realized how much thought and love goes into putting together their baby’s space from mom and dad.  It’s really their labor of love.

Here are a few of my favorite spaces I’ve photographed in recently and why I love them….

Why I love Atticus’ room: Atticus is fortunate to have 2 very creative parents put together his space.  I love the geometric wall stenciling that dad worked on for several days prior to his boy’s arrival.  The table that baby Atticus is sweetly nestled on is a card catalog table mom found at a flea market.  She finished it with coats of child-friendly chalk paint to match the color and feel of Atticus’ vintage-inspired room.  It’s simple yet stunning.

Why I love Eden’s room: I have never seen blue work so beautifully in a little girls’ room. This space was finished by one of my favorite designers, Suzanne Kasler for one of my favorite clients.  I love how Suzanne worked with the family’s existing antique and heirloom pieces and finished it with gorgeous custom pieces to suit a baby girls’ needs.  The creams and shades on pink bring in a light feminine touch to this sophisticated space.  And what baby doesn’t love a crystal chandelier in her room?

Why I love Lily’s room: Lily’s room offers a fresh contrast from Eden’s traditional room above.  I love the life-sized custom tree pieces with hanging chimpanzees that plank both sides of her room.  This space is very representative of Lily’s grandmother’s Nancy Braithwaite’s work…. Genius.  And I love how any child who decides to spend a leisurely afternoon reading in one of the two plush swivel chairs can look around the room and let their imaginations go wild.  It’s really a cool space.

Why I love Erich’s room: This is the perfect example of how to make a small space work.  Erich’s mom and dad loved the light that came from the french doors and wanted to create a space that Erich could grow and play in.  It’s perfect because now that he’s 15 months and incredibly active, all he has to do is open the doors and head out to the garden to play in.  The creams and shades of white really open the space, and the custom rocking horse wall piece and armoire are almost like pieces of whimsical art that inspires anyone who walks in.  Can you tell that Erich and Lily have the same grandmother? 🙂

Why I love Hattie’s room: Hattie’s room is timeless and sophisticated and feminine and classic – all elements that I really love.  What I also love is how this space can grow effortlessly with Hattie…  Just replace the crib with a big girl’s bed and keep every other piece the same – you can tell that is exactly what mom was thinking when she designed it.  Hattie’s room matches the decor and feel of the rest of the house, and that is another reason why it works.  Many times, nurseries can feel disjointed from the rest of the home… It can be too contemporary when every other room is more traditional or cottage-like.  I love how Hattie’s room is an extension of the home, but includes special touches that are truly hers.

Why I love Lyon’s room: Well, that’s super easy – because my little boy slumbers here 🙂  I also really love that almost every piece in his room was “handed down” to him from a loved one or close friend.  When our friends heard Kyu and I were expecting, they jumped at the opportunity to save their favorite nursery items for Lyon.  How lucky were we?  The challenge for me was findign a way to make them all work cohesively with another and specifically for our little boy.  A few paint jobs, custom illustrations and re-upholster jobs later, this is how it turned out.  I love it.

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