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Inspiring Nurseries

So, one of my closest friends is having a baby (her first one) and she’s clueless about everything… As I would be! Last week, she called me in a frantic asking me how she should decorate her baby boy’s nursery. “Alice, you are a creative person. Help me!”

You’re in luck, Karen. I’ve saved some of my favorite nursery images because I knew you’d be asking. 🙂

When I photograph a child, I try to document everything I feel should be remembered – the way he smiles when you sing to him, his chunky legs and buddha tummy, his favorite bedtime story, his soothing luvie, and the bed he sleeps in every night. I know the love and time devoted to picking out every little detail in his room, so I try my best to help my families remember every bit of it.

Here’s some of my favorite nurseries from 2009:

Jack & Will’s room. Love the nautical theme (and how Will is running through my frame as I photographed his room!)

Every little girl loves pink! Avalana’s modern & sophisticated room on the left; Addie’s grownup room on the right.

Love the contrast in these two rooms. High, expansive ceilings in Julia’s room verses Ransom’s 200 sq ft Manhattan room.

I am personally a big fan of neutral and calming colors, like Knox and Brand’s rooms.

And when the babies are ready to move into big boy & girl rooms, I’m ready to document that as well! As show, Jack’s & Charlie’s room.

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