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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re like me, you wait until the very.last.minute for holiday shopping. Then you feel guilty for having to pay expedited shipping…  Or worse – you subject yourself to the MALL in a desperate frenzy to find the perfect gift.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a curated gift list that is sure to win over any member of the family (including yourself!).  Here are some of my favorites for 2013:

From left to right/top to bottom:

For the World’s Best Mom: Engraved Initial Tag Necklace.  Elegant hand-stamped keepsake for mom that let’s her know just how special she is in your life.  This item typically takes 2-3 weeks for customization, so I recommend purchasing the pendent first, then engraving afterwards.

For DIYer’s: Christmas-inspired Food Gifts. This is perfect for last-minute DIYers and those who have a long gift list and want to stay on a budget.  Homemade gifts are quickly becoming the trend during the holidays.    Pair your incredible creation with some beautiful packaging, and it will sure to be a hit!

For the Caffeine Lovers: Nespresso Brewers. Look!  It comes in a festive color!  Give your loved one the gift of energy that keeps on giving.

For Foodies: Fresh Herb Gourmet Salts. My friend Julie has an appreciation for good food and believes in cooking with ingredients that heal and energize us.  She’s created a line of fresh, flavorful herb salts that makes any dish taste better.  Everything is packaged beautifully with recyclable products and proceeds from the sales go to ALS Research, Breast Cancer Research, and the Navy SEALS – so you know you are giving back.  My favorite is the Rosemary Mediterranean Sea Salt with a hint of Lavender!

For the Techie: Iphone LifeProof Case. This iphone case seems like it’s made from steal, but it’s actually quite slim & light.  For those like me who like to capture every minute of every second in their family’s life (but also has a tendency to drop, splash, or shatter their phones) – this is the perfect gift.  Did I mention it’s 100% waterproof?

For the Planner: Laurel Denise 2013 Planner. It’s beautiful, it’s innovative, and it’s super easy to use.  Give this to your family’s planner, and she will love it this xmas!

For the Beginning Budgeter: Digi-Piggy Digital Bank.  I LOVE this and have this on my list for several kids this Christmas.  It’s an adorable way to teach young children to save, count every penny, and only spend what they earn.  I stuff each bank with $3 in quarters, and their little eyes light up each time they open it.  Genius.

For the DIYer (again!): Simple Cooking Rubs. This is a great gift because you can get your husband involved!  Combine the ingredients to his favorite rub, and find festive fabric and ribbon to finish the look.  This is a gift that they will use (and love!) for a very long time.

For the Naughty: A good ole’ fashion lump of Coal….that just so happens to be a wonderful patchouli black shave soap that is rich and earthy with a scent that will be sure to keep you lingering near him.  The perfect stocking stuffer!

Happy Last Minute Holiday Shopping!


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