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Photography Tip: Natural Expressions


Welcome to another installment of #AskAliceShesNice – quick weekly photography tips designed for photo enthusiasts to take their family’s photos to the next level.

Achieving Natural Expressions:  Ever hold your camera up for a quick photo only to receive the cheesiest/forced grin from your angelic child?  Here are some of my well-seasoned tips that you can try:  1) No more “Say Cheese!” – this is a invitation for fake smiles.  Erase it from your photographic vocabulary.  It may work once, but they will soon learn to associate that with forcing a smile for the camera. 2) Try to make this an experience more than about the camera.  Most children freeze when they see the camera.  Do your best to make this more about the memory than about capturing it. 3) Make a game out of it and talk to your kids.  In my arsenal:  “Who has the stinkiest feet?” and “I bet Olivia’s feet are super ticklish!” and who can forget the “What animal does Daddy look like today?!” Love the giggles that transform.
Camera settings:  Canon 5D MkIII, 85mm 1.2L, ISO 500, f/2.0, 1/400th.  Shot at 8:30am
Feel free to ask any questions, tag a person who might find this tip useful, share this, or request a future topic!  Happy Wednesday, friends! Xo


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