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Project Lyon: Kindergarten

Well, Lyon starts Kindergarten today and Elise starts preschool shortly after.  And I am a big fat mess right now.

I have been joyfully documenting Lyon’s life since the day he was born, journaling every milestone and every emotion I’ve felt along the way.  He begins a new chapter in his life today, and for some reason – this has been my most challenging Project Lyon posts to write about.

Our baby.  5 years old.  Starting Kindergarten. <insert sobbing emoticon here>


Perhaps our deepest desire is that, in the end – Lyon remains that sweet, kind-hearted, joyful child that he is.  Just like this darling image below with his little sister that he loves so deeply.  That’s all Kyu and I can ask for… saving the world or becoming the first Asian American President of the United States – well, that’s just bonus.

lyonkindergarten2Happy first day of Kindergarten, my son.  I’m so proud of all that you are and all that you will become.



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