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Project Lyon: My Best Project Yet

On the eve of Lyon’s 1st birthday, I began sorting through the photographs I had taken of him his first 365 days.

When looking back at his first few weeks and the words I journaled as a first-time mother – I CRIED!   “I made it,” I thought… Even through the blur of the first 6 weeks, my struggles with nourishing Lyon and all of the inadequacies I felt in being his mother – I made it.

And through it all, I journaled and documented all of my experiences so that one day when Lyon is older, I will be able to share those little moments with him.  That will be a special day for us.

Now, 400 days later – I have the challenge of sorting through all of his first year images into his first album.  This is what I do for a living, yet somehow this seems daunting!

Project Lyon

has been one of the most rewarding, the most joyful, and the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever done.  So much, that I’ve decided to continue documenting Lyon’s life – one day at a time – until he turns 5!  These photographs and memoirs of my son’s childhood are priceless, and I truly believe I am a better mother for it.

I’m going to do a better job at blogging tidbits of Lyon’s life for you all too.  I promise 🙂

Here is Lyon and Kyu strawberry-picking in North Georgia.  Lyon’s shorts were bright red by the end of the afternoon from all of the fresh strawberries he squeezed into his mouth.  Adorable 1 year old…

And of course, Project Peas & Carrots….  A favorite recent photo of Lyon and his buddy Erich.  It’s fun for Chaffee and I to marvel at how quickly these boys have grown, how different they are from one another, and how happy they are to play together.  I can’t wait to see them both in 10 years!  Oh, the trouble they will make together….

My daily project continues….  The start of Year 2 has been just as adventurous!

What we’ve been up to:

383: Just another average day at Gymboree with the ladies.

387: Waving hello and bye bye. It’s the little things that make a mama proud…

394: Wrangling my one year old to change his diaper. Potty training can’t come soon enough.

395: Decided to play hooky this afternoon and take you to the zoo so we could enjoy this insanely great weather. You weren’t interested in the animals, but you loved the rides. We rode the carousel a million times, and I loved every second of it.  Great. Day.

398: Discovered the best toddler invention ever!  Rear-facing Elmo playing on my IPAD during a long car trip to the mountains.  Not a peep (except from Elmo) came in the back of the vehicle…

400: Breathing in that fresh mountain air.

401: Quickly becoming an avid reader.  We never stop, even in the bathtub!

403: These days, life is all about blue trucks that go “BEEEEEEEP!”

404: You held on for dear life, tried your best to get that darn helmet off your head, and smiled with utter thrill every time dad rolled down the hills. I am crossing this off as one of my absolute favorite family memories.

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