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Session Share: Atlanta Photographers & Atticus

I’m excited to share this newborn session with you because the little 8 day old peanut below belongs to some pretty wonderful people.  Liana and Mike are photographers in the industry, and like Kyu and I – they are both just trying to figure it all out.  How do you keep up with the crazy workload of running a business (or several!) when trying to be all that you can to this insanely cute creature we brought into this world?  How come all of the hours in the day just keep running into each other without any sort of break?  However did we get this lucky to be in the situation we are in now?

When Atticus turned a week old, in a hormonal-mom-frenzy, Liana wrote to her Atlanta photographer friends stressed out about missing this newborn window for photographs.  So, 4 of us cleared our calendars the next day, headed to our friends’ home, and decided to collaborate together to make this as special of a session as we could.

Meet Atticus.  The photograph below was taken in his nursery against a geometric wall that Mike painted for Liana months before his arrival.  Love.

Joining me for this session was the very talented group below…  Elizabeth Smith of Libbie Wicket, Lisa Phillipson, and Jenny  Widmaier of Jenny Lauren Photography.  I took most of the portraits while Elizabeth, Lisa and Jenny posed and styled.

I think we captured some precious shots of this little one…

Posing newborns is truly a delicate art that involves a lot of patience and knowledge of working with these subjects. Lisa and Elizabeth below working their magic.

I’m really blessed to work within a community of incredibly gifted and generous photographers.  Our craft changes at a remarkable pace, and we’re fortunate to be part of this movement.

Liana & Mike – thank you both for all that you do for this industry, and we hope you love the photographs as much as we love you!


Elizabeth, Lisa, Jenny & Alice

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