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Session Share: Reeves and Ransom in New York

I visit a handful of clients in New York once a season, and typically when I plan my trips – we have sunshine and beautiful weather. Not this trip. Nope.

The forecast called for 100% rain and it would be in the 40s throughout the day with heavy winds. Unfortunately, this trip was booked months ago and I had no other available dates on my calendar until 2013 to reschedule these clients – so we made it work!

So happy to share one of my sessions that day. This brave family ventured outside to the neighboring parks and even requested some family photographs along the cobblestone streets of their Tribeca neighborhood. I absolutely love the way they turned out and adore them for asking me specifically for these shots.

I love the above capture of mom with Reeves.  New York apartments are significantly smaller than Atlanta homes, so instead of converting their much-needed family space into a oversized NY nursery, mom made one of their closets into Reeve’s room.  Isn’t it adorable?!

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