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Watching a Family Grow

I have been photographing this family for the past four years.  And in those four years, we’ve had eleven photo sessions, created 4 albums, went on play dates around the city, and photographed lots and lots of amazing images.

The Royko’s have become dear friends of mine and their boys are like my own.  There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing the oldest at the edge of the street to greet you as you pull in for the session.  And then race you (Jack running, me driving) back to the house…

Here is a peak at Ben’s 1 year session at Chastain Park.  I loved that we chose the exact same location to shoot as Jack’s 1 year session two years ago.

The boys are so similar, and yet so different.  Jack and Ben, in the exact same swing…

As I photographed Ben’s 9 favorite things for his book’s Show & Tell page, I smiled when mom noted that big brother Jack was one of his favorites…  What a wonderful relationship they will both have growing up.

And then at sunset, my favorite image of the day…

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