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Your Family’s Record Keeper

I have an important job. Not a special job (although, it is pretty special), an important job.

I photographed Melissa’s family a couple of years ago when she gave birth to her now 2 year old, Thomas, at Northside hospital. It was a pretty amazing day, full of little miracles that led to Thomas’ big arrival. Afterwards, I went home, processed my favorite captures of the day, and then excitedly showed Melissa’s family the story of Thomas’ arrival through my lens. She was thrilled.

A few months later, Melissa’s mom called me in a frantic. Her daughter and two grandchildren were involved in a highway car accident that fortunately left the two small ones unharmed, but Melissa in the emergency room battling for her life. After a series of operations, Melissa was in stable condition but in a deep coma.

All of the photographs of Melissa soon resurfaced from everyone she knew, from every neck of the woods. Mine included.

Her church gathered in prayer for Melissa’s recovery. Everyone read Melissa’s mom’s web page for daily updates and left words of encouragement. It was a long two months, but Melissa did wake up. And although it took her some time to heal physically, her spirit and soul remained unchanged.

Melissa’s experiences, although extreme, are not uncommon to the families I see everyday. Life happens. Sometimes tragedy hits us in ways we’re not prepared for. Sometimes we take our everyday moments for granted…

Photography isn’t just a creative hobby for me. It’s my job. And it’s yours too. Record these moments in your family’s life – even the spilled milk, the scary hair days, and the temper tantrums. Especially those. Take time to journal the little memories that make everyday special. Be your family’s Record Keeper. And embrace the job…

I have photographed Melissa’s family since the accident, but this last session was special. A renewed sense of all things wonderful in life. Family. The sweet eskimo kisses. Being able to hold and squeeze your kids. Laughing and living…

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