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Happy 2nd Birthday, Lyon!

My Dearest Son,

How is it that another year has come and gone?  I remember holding you so tightly in my arms at 3 months – rocking you to sleep and vowing to never let the world harm you or taint your innocence.  Now, I can barely keep up with you and your incredible sense of wonder!

Your dad and I are so proud of our little boy and his joyful spirt.  We are enamored at your energy and sheer joy – it is such an inspiration to us and a very good reminder of how we need to slow down every chance we get and just find delight in what is in front of us.

April was a monster of a month for us.  We committed to way too many projects and events, we were traveling so much, and I almost let myself get away with not celebrating your 2nd birthday.  About a week before your birthday, I pulled my act together, took out my notebook and drafted a layout of a cars-themed birthday party.  Then, I pulled out my address book and started calling and emailing your friends to attend a last-minute get together.  Invitations were even designed and mailed out just a couple of days before your birthday…..

Well, the weather was just perfect, our close family & friends surrounded you, and you ran around the party yelling, “Car, Car, Caaaaarrrr!”  Your dad and I had the biggest grin on our faces the entire day.

In the spare moments I had, I ran around capturing as many small details I could to remember the celebration that almost didn’t happen.  I missed some moments on film, some details were never executed, and I just ran out of time in getting what I wanted to accomplish done.  But, just as we knew it would – you had an AMAZING time, and dad and I could not have been more thrilled celebrating TWO with you!

We love you to the moon and back….flying there in race cars, of course.

Mom & Dad
April 21st, 2013

The ‘day before setting up marathon.’ Building 20 boxes for 20 kids!

The decor and decorations were literally thrown together that week.  Simple but fun!

And the Caaarrrrrrrs!!

A fun Burger Bar, inspired by my friend Joy, but not executed quite as beautifully as hers!

Cars-theme birthday cake by the lovely Kathi of My Sweet Things.

And one of our favorite moments of the day!

Blessed that so many friends could make it on such short notice…

Your favorite aunt even put together a fun video of the car race we hosted with all of the kids!  SO adorable!


And your dad’s brilliant idea – a big bouncy house for all of the kids!

It’s so wonderful to have these memories of your very special day.  May you look back someday and know just how much joy you give all of us and how deeply you are loved, little Lyon.

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