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Project Lyon: Rosemary Beach 2013

It seems as if the only thing that consumes my life these days is this little kid of mine.  I have hundreds of session shares I have queued to post, but here we are again…. Another entry about Lyon.  I hope you don’t mind… 🙂

Our family recently returned from a much-needed vacation in Rosemary Beach.  I’ve spent weekends here with girlfriends, watching sunsets and sipping mojitos by the beach, but those trips didn’t quite compare to the quality time we spent as a family there.  It’s difficult for Kyu and I to both take a step away from our work to enjoy one another, so this trip was very special to us.

Here are a collection of my favorite instagrams from the trip.  I didn’t even bring my DSLR because I was too busy enjoying the moment.  It felt really, really good…. And you know what? I love these images just the same.

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