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Happy 5th Birthday, Jack!

I just wanted to publicly shout out to my favorite little peanut – Jack – a very happy & fun-filled 5th birthday.  What a huge milestone, my buddy!

I have been chronicling Jack’s life since he was just a few days old…  I’ve watched this family grow over the last 5 years, closely observing Matt and Jessica go from being nervous, anxious and excited new parents to ones that can tackle just about anything their two children throw at them.  Whether it’s a handful of new allergies to a 10 hour car trip listening to their now 2 year old scream, they’ve become quite the parental role models to me.  To say I just adore this family is an understatement…  I am just excited for the opportunity to one day give Jack a toast to his new bride on his wedding day 🙂

To celebrate Jack’s 5 amazing years, here are some favorite photographs of mine….

Just a few days old –

Fast-forward 7 months, and here is the happy, silly Jack we all know today.

Hallelujah, we made it to a year!

It snowed for us in Virginia Highlands when Jack turned 18 months.

And a few months later, Jack welcomed his new baby brother – Ben.  Absolutely precious.

Jack is 2!

And then we celebrated Jack turning 3!

Wow, then how did 4 sneak around the corner so quickly?!

We traveled that summer up with the Royko’s for their family’s vacation in Cape Cod.  I could not *not* go with them.

And I even helped dad plan a little clambake for his family up there.  What a fun trip that was for Jack!

I have a hard time looking back at the recent images we’ve captured of Jack’s last year.  He looks so incredibly grown up here at the train museum….

And these were captured a few days ago right before his 5th birthday.

Watching Jack grow up over the years has given me such a meaningful excitement for what to expect in my own little boy.  His sweet and enduring personality still win over his parents every time, and his spirit still keeps me on my toes during every photo session with him.  They grow too quickly, and before you know it – they’re in kindergarten and making girls swoon.

Happy 5th birthday to the Royko family.  I’ve loved being there for every one of Jack’s biggest milestones!

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