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Lyon’s 5th Birthday


And just like that, Lyon is 5.  I can’t believe it.  Somebody hand me another tissue!

I’ve been meticulously chronicling Lyon’s life for the past 5 years, and it has been one of the most meaningful projects of my life.  And when I look back at posts that I wrote (half-awake) about the lack of sleep, the lack of balance, the lack of seeing the bigger picture – I chuckle.  Because now, with both of of my babies slumbering 12 hours at night, it’s all becoming clearer to me.

Last month, Kyu and I decided to throw Lyon a “farewell preschool,” big 5, superhero-themed birthday party.  I don’t know why I can’t just plan a small family gathering or party at a jumpy house, because it’s always so stressful days leading up to it.  But Kyu always forgives me, and looking back at these images and seeing just how HAPPY Lyon is – it makes it all so very worth it.

Here’s a peak at some of my favorite captures, photographed by our very talented Casey Gardner.  We had a backyard-themed movie night. Kristen helped me designed these gorgeous custom invitations.  I envisioned something fun, colorful, and that the kids would have fun opening…”Oh, I get an official admissions ticket to the party!”


I think one of my favorite elements (and also the most time-consuming to make) was our custom 25′ city skyline backdrop.  I ordered rolls of construction paper from a teacher’s supply store and Kyu and I went to work hours before his party.  Next year, please remind me to keep it simple! #psh

It turned out so fun!


All of the kids dressed as their favorite superheroes, and quite honestly – I think the costumes elevated the fun and excitement to a level no entertainer could achieve.  They were all pretty epic!







Such a fun evening we’ll never forget!  And in a few days, Lyon graduates Pre-K…so you may find me in a corner balling my eyes out.  It all really goes by way too fast.


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