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Our Adventures to the Shore

There’s no question that Kyu and I love adventure.  The day we decided that we would quit our corporate jobs to pursue a life we’d both love, we put comfort & security in the back seat and raced forward without ever looking back.

When one of my *favorite* clients asked me to follow their family to Cape Cod this summer while they vacationed, Kyu and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to pack up our baby and introduce him to the New England beaches.  Kyu and I have been working non stop since the day we quit our jobs, so it was a bit of a treat to unplug our lives and take a week off to enjoy our family.

And what an adventure it was.  Day 1 included strapping Lyon to his carseat after his bath and driving through the night to our first destination.  Moms on Call said he would sleep through the night in the car…..that was hardly the case.  🙂

We stopped in Virginia to visit one of our closest friends for a few days.  We fell in love with their family and home life so much that Kyu and I are already scheming up ways to build a fort in their back yard to live in.  It could happen!

Finally, after another night’s drive with Lyon curiously awake the entire time – we made it to the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod.  We shared a beach house with our dear friends from Atlanta, and the kids played marvelously together.

Some favorite iphone snaps below –

And some of my favorite photographs of my sweet family on the beach.  Thank you so much for these Ryan – we will treasure these images forever.

One of our favorite memories from our trip was our day trip to Nantucket.  I instantly fell in love with the charm of the island and the lifestyle of the locals… What a wonderful place to spend your summers!

Our dear friend Robin met us at the pier when we arrived and graciously showed us around the island.  What a special treat that was for us all!   The picturesque beaches, the cedar shake homes, stunning lighthouses, blooming hydrangeas, cobblestone streets and local shops.  I absolutely *adored* Nantucket and our fabulous host!

This adventure was definitely one for the memory books.  And we can’t wait to see where our next one takes us!

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