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Project Lyon: Peanuts, Sippy Cups & Walking!

It’s begun.

Life is starting to move quicker than I can keep up, and my baby is turning into a little toddler…

The last month has been a whirlwind for the Park family…  I’m so thankful that in the few moments I have each day, I stop to take a quick snapshot of whatever is consuming Lyon’s day so I can file it away for another day to reminisce.  So far, I haven’t been able to find time for that, but I know I will….

Here is a little recap of what this little boy has been up to lately!

410 – Discussing future camping trips together. I love my boys.

414 – First PB&J sandwich resulted in first visit to the emergency room. My heart stopped when I saw you swell up into hives and then have trouble breathing… 2 liters of vomit, 1 bottle of benedryl, and 1 exhausted/cranky/swollen baby later…all is ok. Thank you, Lord.

415 – So thankful to have my spirited peanut back, allergies and all! Thank you, friends for all of your thoughts and concerns. We are just going to have to learn to navigate life without all of the nuts!

422 – Mr. Smarty pants taking on 5 digit addition problems, and yet somehow – we still can not hold our own bottle.  Hm.

425 – Successfully transitioned this kid from bottle to HOLDING HIS OWN CUP without any crying, whining or even asking for his own bottle.  In 1.5 days….

How we did it: The key is letting the little fella make the transition himself without forcing him in any one direction.  I found that it wasn’t the bottle that Lyon was attached to; it was the milk-bottle combo.  So, one morning – I decided to put water in his bottle and milk in his cup, and guess what?  He did not feel satisfied from his bottle so he pushed it away and asked for his cup…  It took about a day for him to learn to make the assimilation, but he did.  And life now is grand because I AM NOT HOLDING HIS BOTTLE FOR HIM ANYMORE!

430 – The look of a little boy who knows he’s in trouble.

Here we come, toddlerhood!

433 – Incredibly thankful for Lyon’s cousins who come over as often as they can to play with their favorite person.

435 – Hm.  Innovative or lazy?

438 – Oh life is sooooooooo hard, little one. I’m sorry your bath time with your cars was only 45 minutes tonight.

Did I mention Lyon’s little obsession with cars these days?  Ah yes.

And lastly, our latest little adventure….



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