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Project Lyon: 32 days old

Home. I love being home with my guys…

Today was my first day back at work, and I had been dreading it for weeks. The truth is – 4 weeks just isn’t enough time for any new mother to leave her baby. Physically, my body wasn’t there yet and emotionally, I was a wreck.

Last night, I cried and cried to Kyu telling him that I wasn’t ready to leave Lyon, and that I decided my new career was to be a professional mom. I could even add professional stay-at-home chef to the list. Kyu was really understanding, but I knew I had made a commitment to our clients and I needed to go back to shooting.

And so I did. And guess what? I survived, and so did my family.

I came home this evening to this little cub ready for his last feeding and his most favorite part of the day – bath time. He was tired and a little fussy, but he stayed up just for me. I mean, look at that face. Doesn’t that just say, “I love you and missed you, mom”?!

Tonight, I salute all of those working moms out there…  I’m still navigating through one of the toughest roles I’ve ever had – motherhood – while aspiring to achieve a little bit of life balance.  To all of those who work 9 – 5 Monday – Friday while your babies are at home, you guys are amazing.

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