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Project Lyon: 31 days old

Today was Lyon’s first day at Church.  Kyu and I proudly introduced him to everyone as Christian Lyon Park, and during service – he slept like an angel.  He’s such a good boy.

As we were getting ready this morning, I found this adorable outfit in Lyon’s closet.  I love that in the South, we can dress little boys up in gowns and less “manly” outfits and receive approving nods from strangers.  Only here can little boys get away with knee-high socks, bubble rompers, and ruffles on their sailboat shirts.

After I took this sweet shot of Lyon, I looked ahead and imagined the outfits he’d wear for his first day of school, his first piano recital, his Sunday School classes….and then I hear a “Ah! My son’s wearing a dress!” from the other side of the room.

Oh well.  He still looks cute to me.

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