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Project Lyon: 28 days old

My dear friend Elizabeth Smith of Libbie Wicket came to visit me earlier this week, and during her visit, we got to chatting about how important it is to document these fleeting moments.  Because photography is what we do everyday, it’s so hard to remember and make time for our own families on a regular basis.  She encouraged me to start early, create a journal, and freeze the little moments that I’ll want to remember forever.  So, that is what I’m going to do…

Project Lyon is a personal project where I’ll attempt to capture details of Lyon’s life on a daily basis.  And when I say “daily,” I mean as often as I find time between two businesses, our every-three-hour feeding schedule, diaper changes, a booked shooting schedule, tackling that never ending pile of laundry/email/dishes, cuddling with the little one, date night with the bigger one, and sleep here and there for me.  Whether it’s with my pro equipment or with my handy & always convenient instamatic shots from my iphone, I’m committed to this project for as long as Lyon will allow me to photograph him.  I give it 9 months before he starts purposely crawling away from me and my camera.  I’ll still love him though 🙂

I shot this a couple of nights ago when I heard Lyon stirring during the wee hours.  We haven’t quite gotten Lyon to the point of sleeping through the night, so my husband graciously volunteered to take on the night feedings while allowing me to catch of few more hours of sleep.  I adore this image because I know deep in his insomnia-tic state, Kyu enjoys these moments.  The quiet ones where it’s just him and his son.  He didn’t know I was around the corner, awake with my camera, just smiling as I shot this photo.  It still makes me smile.

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