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Project Lyon: A Year of Preschool!

There is a bittersweet feeling I have now as I reflect on my baby’s first full year of Preschool.  This past Fall, I decided that Lyon needed a more structured and stimulating morning routine, socializing with new friends and learning to play with classmates.  Despite wanting to keep him home with me an extra year, I decided to throw him in Preschool 5 days a week in 2 different programs!

Here is a look back at some memories I captured with my phone.  I’m so grateful for them, even the grainy, somewhat out-of-focus ones…

From his first day of school, to all of the days in between!

Lyon1Lyon2Lyon2aProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

His two classes pictured above during their end-of-the-year parties.  So thankful for these sweet friends!


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