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Update: 31 Weeks

Somehow when I reached 30 weeks, I started to panic.  The daunting list of things I need to do pre-baby suddenly seemed overwhelmingly too much to complete before we are officially “ready” for this baby.

But you’re never ready for a baby, right?  Even if it’s your 2nd…

On my list of things to do before this baby arrived did not include taking maternity photos of myself.  I have absolutely loved this pregnancy and how I’ve felt, but like many moms, the idea of being in front of the camera did not appeal to me.  Still…I convinced myself that one day I will cherish these, just as I did of Mandy’s stunning portraits of me in Rosemary Beach.  And I’m so, so glad I did.

Jenny of Jenny Lauren Photography stopped by earlier this week to snap a few shots of us as a family of 3.  She shared this sneak peak with me, and I am just in love.  I am FOREVER grateful that we decided to document this last pregnancy; my heart is swelling with happiness in this particular image…  It’s hard to believe I’ll have room in my heart to love another just as I do for this sweet boy, but I know it’s about to double in size.  I can’t wait.


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