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Resolutions for 2012

I have never been one to make resolutions for the New Year. My reasoning? There’s no better time than the present to make positive change in your life…whether it be the new year or a Thursday in March.

I’ve thought long and hard about 2011 however, and I realized that given my new life and my new role, there simply isn’t enough time to make all of the changes I want to. By the time I formulate a plan for action, something comes up and I have to deviate to plan B.

So this year, I’m prioritizing. I’m focusing on the below and letting go of the rest… Here we go!

1. Eat healthier, lose weight, exercise, sleep & focus on self. Seems like a cliché resolution, yes? But now that I’m in my 30s and the baby weight around my hips & thighs are becoming a constant reminder that I no longer have a fast metabolism, it’s time to set some goals. Goal #1 – no more daily cupcakes. Goal #2 – drink tea instead of coffee. Goal #3 – go for a walk/jog/run daily, even if it’s 20 degrees outside. Goal #4 – fit into my old jeans comfortably, even though we all know that sweats is all the rage right now. Goal #5 – Focus on self. In between obsessing over dinner menus & Lyon’s daily caloric intake, I’m going to start paying more attention to me and how I feel.

There, I feel better already.

2. Read more. I used to read a lot… I could get lost in a book for hours; it was my escape from every day routine, and I credit reading to sparking all of the creative juices inside of me. But then life and business and baby came along, and I found reading to be the first to be let go…. And like exercise is to my husband and routine is to my son, I know I need to read this daily to keep me going.

Oh, I’m also going to blog more!

3. Be more organized. This is another resolution I’m sure all of us share… I think I’ve read about 30 articles in 5 different magazines & dozens of blogs about Organization Tips for 2012. But really – I am a mess right now, and if it weren’t for my incredibly organized husband, I would have probably lost my kid by now. So, this year – I’m taking 20 minutes every morning and every evening to organize that day and the next. I’m clearing the clutter from my office that kills my creativity daily. I’m purging off stuff I don’t need or use. I’m donating more to Goodwill. And I’m going to keep our fridge stocked with fresh fruits & veggies so I can tackle both #1 and #3. Awesomeness.

4. Take NAPCP to new heights. Kyu and I spent many late evenings in 2009 brainstorming all of the ways NAPCP could benefit child photographers and improve our industry. Our list was staggering… and quite daunting to be honest. But we’re going to push aside our fear of failure, dig deep in our resources, embrace being in the red to promote growth, and cross off all the things on our list that we’ve always wanted to do. I’m excited!

5. Go on more dates, travel as a family, schedule coffee tea with a friend. The year goes by too fast to push any of these aside…

2012 is going to be about living life to its absolute fullest, every single day…even if I have to cheat on my diet a little bit.

Cheers to that!

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