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And then there was Christmas!

One resolution I made to myself this crazy fall season was to let go of some things so I could focus on our clients & our family.  Sadly, one of those things was blogging….and cooking and cleaning (but that’s another post).

I’ve kept up with my daily photo project on facebook, but if you missed anything, here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on:

1.  Lyon has been teething for the past 3 months it seems, but those darn teeth have yet to make an appearance.  He’s drooling, constantly running a slightly elevated fever, fussy, sleepless (which makes us allllll sleepless), and gnawing on everything.

2.  Did I mention there hasn’t been much sleep here?  Ah yes, we’re up 3 times a night, and each time – it takes Lyon about 2 hours to fall back asleep.  *yawn*

3.  We’re so thankful for this season & all of the wonderful clients we had the opportunity to work with.  Amazingly, this has been our strongest year yet…especially considering I took about 3 months off to move and for maternity leave.  Kyu and I work incredibly hard in what we do, and we’re appreciative of the clients who see us year after year and all of the new ones we meet along the way!

4.  Lyon’s 1st visit with Santa was one of the highlights for me this season.  I’ve photographed thousands of children with Santa, and it was so fun for me to finally photograph my own.  And he didn’t cry!  That’s my boy 🙂

5.  Somewhere along the shuffle of the season, we stopped to take a photo of the chaos.  It never fails; the list of projects, shoots, appointments, etc becomes mountainous, but we somehow manage to make it alive.

Here we are (minus Kyu who is behind the camera) last night working on our last rush of client gifts, 3 days before Christmas.  Lyon has found his mojo in the mix.  He’s at that darling age where he can sit still and entertain himself for hours (ok, more like minutes..) on paper & boxes.  And yet, he feels like he’s part of the team too.  Love that little boy of mine…

This coming year, I promise to be a lot more active here.  I’ve got dozens of posts to share, projects around the house I’ve been working on, sessions to blog, and fun stores to share about Lyon.

Until then, Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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