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To my Clients

Dear Fall 2011 Clients:

Thank you.

Thank you for entrusting me to document your family’s most treasured memories.

Thank you for your patience as I learn to be a Mommy while keeping up with the busiest time of the year.

Thank you for not saying anything when I arrived 5 minutes late for our session with spit-up on my shirt and bags under my eyes.

Thank you for all of your parenting advice, words of encouragement, and telling me I look great when I clearly have more weight to lose.

Thank you for loving my Production Assistant Kristen and my Ordering Consultant Beth as much as Kyu and I do.  They allow me to focus on my two loves – photography & my kid.

Thank you for emailing/calling me to ask how Lyon is sleeping, eating and growing.  I never realized how much I much joy & pride I would get out of talking about my baby’s schedule & recent developmental milestone.  “Yes, he can sit still & watch while I write out the A-B-C’s!  I know, genius!!”

Thank you for demonstrating love and kindness and patience through your own families.  By photographing your most intimate moments, I’m learning to be a better mother…a better wife…a better person.

Thank you for truly humbling me.  Just when I think I have it tough, you show me that the real magic happens in between the chaos.  That life’s greatest moments occur when it’s tough.  And that Kyu and I are doing just fine trying to juggle it all. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With sincere gratitude,


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