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It’s Father’s Day, and a very sweet one for this new dad.

Lyon’s and my world would not be the same without Kyu. I’m so proud of the influence he has our our little boy and have all of the confidence in the world that he will grow up to be strong, respectful and proud like his daddy. I can’t wait to watch the bond that will continue to grow between my guys…

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone!

It’s no surprise how much I adore documenting sibling relationships. Especially sisters. I grew up with 2 sisters, each of us 2 years apart, with me in the middle. We constantly fought, made catty comments to each other, drove my parents insane, talked about boys, wrote one another’s college essays, shared clothes, and never missed a beat in each other’s lives.

When one of my favorite clients Courtney told me she was expecting a little girl (right around the time I was expecting our little boy) – I was so thrilled for them. Their sweet Harper would get to experience all of the joys I did growing up. Oh, the memories they’ll share!

I love these tender moments between mom, Harper and little sister Hattie on the way.

And when Hattie arrived, Harper was mesmerized.

I think they’ll get along just fine.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Today marked the 3rd consecutive night in a row that our little man slept through the night. And when I say “slept through the night,” I mean from 11pm – 6am. Baby steps. This is HUGE for us, as Lyon is still only 6 weeks old. We’re so proud of him and hoping this is the beginning of a very wonderful thing.


I am giddy with excitement too, Lyon!

I realize I’m a very lucky parent, and I count my blessings daily.

Baby Lyon is getting chubbier and cuter everyday.  He’s a great sleeper, a great eater, and knows just when to smile to mom & dad so that all of our worries go away.

As I get back into the swing of shooting & seeing clients again, I’m reminded just how fortunate we are.  Babies come in all shapes & sizes.  Some suffering from colic issues, reflux acid, are born prematurely with chronic illnesses, allergies, certain deficiencies, and so on…

I’m spending as much time as I possibly can with my sweet boy, counting my blessings (and his toes! which by the way are 10 of them….Kyu counted) each passing day.

photo:  mandy johnson

I’ve been so excited to share one of my recent sessions with a face you all may already know.

Chaffee and I met about five years ago when we were both starting to build our businesses.  B Braithwaite is known throughout Atlanta and the Southeast for their refined chic nursery design and ultimate one-stop destination for clients who want a boutique shopping experience with hands on customer service.

When photographing my little subject’s nurseries, I often look for the same clean, sophisticated design that I see inside of Chaffee’s store.  Every single detail – from the gorgeous packaging, to the light-filled, modern aesthetics, to the full selection of ultra-chic baby products – make shopping, registering, and browsing such a joy there.

Over the course of the years, Chaffee and I have become great friends.  I remember Kyu and I sharing a bottle of wine with Chaffee and her husband a couple of years ago.  We discussed our goals and desires for our businesses and opened our hearts about someday starting a family.

When we found out we were expecting, we called Chaffee and her husband to share the news.  To our delight, Chaffee responded with a “Guess what?  I’m three weeks ahead of you!”

It has been a fun and wild roller coaster ride for both of us.  Pregnancy ailments, milestones, and this amazing adventure called parenthood.  We love that we can continue sharing our experiences as we raise our boys.

Such a joy meeting this sweet boy who arrived 10 days early!  Perfect timing for me to come and photograph him at 37 weeks.  Good boy.

I love that I got to really spend time with Erich and his family during our session.  Between poses, I caught some of the sweetest, silent moments on film.  My favorite of the day…

And Erich’s nursery…  I know many have been dying to see his finished room.

It’s soft and simple, elegant and sophisticated.  Gorgeous light streaming in from the french doors and a life-sized rocking horse beautifully mounted above Erich’s crib.

It’s perfect.

The proud parents…

A week after Lyon was born, Erich came to visit for their first playdate.  How adorable are they?  Erich, 6 weeks old and his buddy Lyon, a week old.

Two peas in a pod.