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I’m excited to share this newborn session with you because the little 8 day old peanut below belongs to some pretty wonderful people.  Liana and Mike are photographers in the industry, and like Kyu and I – they are both just trying to figure it all out.  How do you keep up with the crazy workload of running a business (or several!) when trying to be all that you can to this insanely cute creature we brought into this world?  How come all of the hours in the day just keep running into each other without any sort of break?  However did we get this lucky to be in the situation we are in now?

When Atticus turned a week old, in a hormonal-mom-frenzy, Liana wrote to her Atlanta photographer friends stressed out about missing this newborn window for photographs.  So, 4 of us cleared our calendars the next day, headed to our friends’ home, and decided to collaborate together to make this as special of a session as we could.

Meet Atticus.  The photograph below was taken in his nursery against a geometric wall that Mike painted for Liana months before his arrival.  Love.

Joining me for this session was the very talented group below…  Elizabeth Smith of Libbie Wicket, Lisa Phillipson, and Jenny  Widmaier of Jenny Lauren Photography.  I took most of the portraits while Elizabeth, Lisa and Jenny posed and styled.

I think we captured some precious shots of this little one…

Posing newborns is truly a delicate art that involves a lot of patience and knowledge of working with these subjects. Lisa and Elizabeth below working their magic.

I’m really blessed to work within a community of incredibly gifted and generous photographers.  Our craft changes at a remarkable pace, and we’re fortunate to be part of this movement.

Liana & Mike – thank you both for all that you do for this industry, and we hope you love the photographs as much as we love you!


Elizabeth, Lisa, Jenny & Alice

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!

Scouring the internet for home essentials and baby apparel is a busy mother’s simple solution to getting things done.  Who has time to get the pack the baby, his lunch and SHOP when we have nap schedules to follow and client appointments to keep?  I wish I did!  And can we throw in lunching with a longtime friend while we’re at it?

I’ve bookmarked some of my favorite sites and finds to share with you all each Friday.  Some you may have heard of, some might be new.  Follow me each week as I may have the chance to interview the creators or give away something cool that they offer!

My first favorite find is One Kings Lane.  What I love most about them is that the items featured on their site are beautifully hand-picked.  Well known designers carefully choose their favorite accessories and vintage furniture pieces and group them into tasteful collections.  For those of us who struggle to find the time, inspiration and guidance to beautifully finish our homes, this site is perfect.  Oh, and did I mention that these items are marked down as much as 70% from retail?!

Below are some items that I have my eye on…  It’s amazing how I could finish my formal living room from one online website.


1.  Pair of Rococo-style bergères, circa 1870 – Sold out!

2.  Inlaid Chest, circa 1930.

3.  Rococo-style painted gold wood frame, circa 1850.

4.  Casanova illustrated book set, Paris, 1966.

5.  Boucher engravings on handmade paper, set of 3

6.  This piece sold out and was discontinued before I had a chance to finish this post!

Whether your style is modern sophisticated, rustic, French vintage inspired, or clean and minimalist, One Kings Lane has inspiring finds for everyone.  Be sure to visit daily and claim your pieces as they sell out quickly!

Many of you know of my love for this baby boutique.  It isn’t necessarily because they carry the most precious baby apparel, gear and gifts in Atlanta…or that every time I walk in, I’m inspired by the design & details that surround me….

I love this baby boutique because of the wonderful people behind it.

Baby Braithwaite (formally b braithwaite) has grown tremendously over the last 5 years, and with the imminent move in the works for well, the last 2 years, Kyu and I got to witness the family behind the store come together in their next new exciting venture.  It reminded me a lot of my own family growing up…

In the spirit of their grand opening this past Saturday at 102 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta – I decided to blog the crazy, behind-the-scenes transformation of B Braithwaite. The footage below chronicles Chaffee & Nancy Braithwaite’s vision from an empty, cemented space to a stunning new baby boutique in the heart of Buckhead.

Here we are in January.  I love that they’ve taken on Baby Braithwaite as their new name…

Surveying the space, working with contractors, sizing the walls for the new visuals that would later complete the store.

Chaffee & Nancy:  Budget, practicality & deadlines.  Impact, perfectionism & details.

Some of the resulting favorites from our commercial shoot in January.  Going from the below to a collective visual for the store proved to be no easy task…

Nancy no doubt scheming up something wildly amazing.

And here we are in February.  Walls are up, custom shelving, floors and lighting in place…  Merchandise moved from their old location, but still so much left to do.

In the last week of February, the pressure to open became intense and the little people began to come out and help.  How adorably helpful are these guys?  “You guys are officially hired for life!” smiled Chaffee to her nieces and nephew…

And then on March 1st, finally.  The finishing pieces arrived…  15 stunning 36″x36″ stretched gallery-wrapped canvases adorned themed rooms around the store.  Many of these faces you might recognize as my clients and my BOY!  Little Lyon was thrilled to be part of the new store.

My favorite room – baby boy’s apparel.  Awesomeness.

Fun gear & baby essentials!

And Chaffee’s new favorite space – the Reading Nook.  She will soon place her favorite chair there and all of the children who have been coming for years will get to sit on her lap as she reads their favorite stories.  I love that.

The new store is really incredible…. my images certainly do not do the space justice.    You really have to visit the store yourself and take in the pure magic that surrounds you.

Pictured below are Chaffee and her supportive teams who worked incredibly hard to prepare for Baby Braithwaite’s opening day.  So proud of my friend!

When working with mom to create a very special folio book for her 2 year old, we allocated about 15 minutes of our photo session to photograph the details of Harper’s pink birthday party.  I love how mom recreated the theme so that I could capture it for Harper’s book….  And she did it in her light-filled garage – you would never know!

I have been photographing this family for the past four years.  And in those four years, we’ve had eleven photo sessions, created 4 albums, went on play dates around the city, and photographed lots and lots of amazing images.

The Royko’s have become dear friends of mine and their boys are like my own.  There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing the oldest at the edge of the street to greet you as you pull in for the session.  And then race you (Jack running, me driving) back to the house…

Here is a peak at Ben’s 1 year session at Chastain Park.  I loved that we chose the exact same location to shoot as Jack’s 1 year session two years ago.

The boys are so similar, and yet so different.  Jack and Ben, in the exact same swing…

As I photographed Ben’s 9 favorite things for his book’s Show & Tell page, I smiled when mom noted that big brother Jack was one of his favorites…  What a wonderful relationship they will both have growing up.

And then at sunset, my favorite image of the day…