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Excited to share one of my absolute favorite families in this week’s #AskAliceShesNice.

Family Generation Portraits are a rare request for me.  Most times, it’s because they are so often overlooked, and that is such a shame because the finished product is such prized photograph for all of the family members involved.
As families grow, I highly encourage members of each generation to gather together to create a portrait that captures and preserves the personalities of the old and young.  For posterity.  I’ve witnessed families experience sickness and tragic losses in a blink of an eye and express to me their regret for not taking the time to capture the entire family during their last gathering.  My tip:  Don’t wait.  Life is too short.  Make an effort to document your family every 2 years or anytime a new member is added to the family.  I promise you will never, ever regret it.
Camera Settings:  Canon 5D Mk111, 85mm 1.2L, shot outdoors at ISO 800, f/2.0, 1/3200 on a cloudy day around 7pm.  It was Grandfather’s 75th Birthday.

I ADORE this family!  And I have loved capturing every sweet baby boy that has entered their family.

Meet their newest addition, baby Brooks.  He is the most easy-going, happy, laid-back baby boy that just loves his big brothers.  How blessed is this beautiful family of SIX!?!





“Oh Alice, none of me today. I am not photo-worthy. I was up all night with my oldest, and I don’t feel I should be part of these..” So – I told her to run upstairs, put on her 5 minute face, and to leave the rest to me…

For a busy mother of 3, I’m sure she is never in the pictures. We moms never are. But when our children grow older and look back at their childhood photographs, they should see us and our joy in them. They should know what absolute joy they brought to our lives…

So moms – no matter how “unworthy” of being photographed you feel, step in the photographs. Smile. Love on your child. You and that love are so, so beautiful.





For this week’s #AskAliceShesNice, a simple and sweet tip photographing the littlest ones in your life…
Q:  I’d love to get a shot with my newborn and my 18 month old.  The problem is that my older child is too squirmy and I’m afraid he’ll drop him!
My Tip:  Often times, it is too much to ask your 1st baby to gently hold their new 7lb brother or sister for an extended period of time.  An easy tip would be to have an adult prop the two children from behind so you can assure both are safely secure in her arms.  Come in close and wait for that magical moment to happen, because it inevitably always does… And when it does, it will melt your heart.  #aliceparkphotography
Camera Settings:  Canon 5D MkIII, 85mm 1.2L, shot indoors at ISO 500, f/1.8, 1/320 on a sunny day with the window placed behind the subjects.