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And just like that, Lyon is 5.  I can’t believe it.  Somebody hand me another tissue!

I’ve been meticulously chronicling Lyon’s life for the past 5 years, and it has been one of the most meaningful projects of my life.  And when I look back at posts that I wrote (half-awake) about the lack of sleep, the lack of balance, the lack of seeing the bigger picture – I chuckle.  Because now, with both of of my babies slumbering 12 hours at night, it’s all becoming clearer to me.

Last month, Kyu and I decided to throw Lyon a “farewell preschool,” big 5, superhero-themed birthday party.  I don’t know why I can’t just plan a small family gathering or party at a jumpy house, because it’s always so stressful days leading up to it.  But Kyu always forgives me, and looking back at these images and seeing just how HAPPY Lyon is – it makes it all so very worth it.

Here’s a peak at some of my favorite captures, photographed by our very talented Casey Gardner.  We had a backyard-themed movie night. Kristen helped me designed these gorgeous custom invitations.  I envisioned something fun, colorful, and that the kids would have fun opening…”Oh, I get an official admissions ticket to the party!”


I think one of my favorite elements (and also the most time-consuming to make) was our custom 25′ city skyline backdrop.  I ordered rolls of construction paper from a teacher’s supply store and Kyu and I went to work hours before his party.  Next year, please remind me to keep it simple! #psh

It turned out so fun!


All of the kids dressed as their favorite superheroes, and quite honestly – I think the costumes elevated the fun and excitement to a level no entertainer could achieve.  They were all pretty epic!







Such a fun evening we’ll never forget!  And in a few days, Lyon graduates Pre-K…so you may find me in a corner balling my eyes out.  It all really goes by way too fast.




Our team is so thrilled to announce our newest mini-session series:  Lovie Story.  Signup is now available for this exclusive offering!  Details below.

The Idea:  Every child has a special blankie, lovie, or toy that they just can not live without.  It brings her comfort when she needs it most and it goes whenever she goes.  Worn, exhausted, but so very loved.

Join us in studio for 20 minutes as child photographer Jenny captures your child and her most loved possessions.  We will capture about 15 modern portraits of your child and family.  Siblings welcome, parents welcome, and outfit changes welcome.

Pricing:  $125 for the session fee.  Collections begin at $450.

Date:  Saturday, June 18th

Location:  Our Atlanta studio location

Signup:  Space is limited!  Email us at to reserve your session.

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  • Elizabeth Wallace

    We realize this is late, but if there is any space available, we would love to include our daughter, Hope Scislowicz, in the “Lovie” session on June 18th. We can be reached at or #770-778-9383.

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  1. For the DIY/Crafty Momma, buy a lovely hardbound book and follow the instructions at this website to make one of these with your mom who’ll love every second of it!
  2. Stop the kids from stealing her one indulgence! Ok, so now you’ll have to buy your own and stop blaming it on the kids, but she’ll laugh and love the sentiment.
  3. For the Artsy Momma, this clock would be so perfect. It’s a working replica of Salvador Dali’s, The Persistence of Memory.
  4. Start her day more gently; this alarm clock/smartphone dock with speakers wakes her up by gradually increasing the light and/or music she programs in.
  5. The Grippy is for every Momma with a smart phone. Keeps it from getting lost in her purse, or falling onto the floor board when she’s trying to see the GPS.
  6. The 60 Hour Candle: because… candles.
  7. For the jewelry loving Mommas, I can’t imagine them not loving a tree that makes their jewelry turn into pretty home decor.
  8. For those active Mommas who don’t want to look like they are an escaped inmate or citizen under house arrest, this Fitbit bracelet looks LIKE A BRACELET!
  9. For the bookworm Mommas, this just takes me right back to my childhood. A cute little Wizard of Oz bookmark that will make her smile every time she sees it.

While I love a sweet newborn wrapped in a mosses blanket and posed perfectly on a blanket, there is nothing quite like photographing a new family’s life surrounding their baby.  Timeless, classic, and they will forever be cherished.  I just adore baby Elle and her wonderfully stylish parents.  Xo