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Clients often ask me what my favorite ages to photograph are. For me personally, I adore the baby stage (which is why I created the One Year Plan). After the first year, subsequent years I love capturing are the 18 month milestone, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, then 5Y portraits.

After their 5th birthday, I then recommend my clients participate in our annual Family Day mini-sessions. I designed these sessions so that I could continue capturing my past clients’ families annually in a way that is fun, beautiful and relatively painless ūüėČ


We just opened up 2014’s Fall Family Days, and we have already sold out almost all spots to past participants. ¬†Here are the details:

Saturday, 10/4 (sold out)
Sunday, 10/5 (sold out)
Saturday, 10/11 (sold out)
Friday, 11/7 (just a few spots remaining)

Details:  Every year, we invite all our clients and past clients to spend time with us at a park. We schedule back-to-back mini-sessions designed to capture beautiful individual and family portraits against the glittering Fall leaves. Alice will then apply her signature toning and black & white techniques on her favorite 10-15 images and burn each of them on CD (printable up to 5×7) for families to make as Christmas cards, gift portraits, and to archive for their own personal use.

Typically, our time together is incredibly high-energy, quick, and a lot of fun for the little ones. ¬†Within 15 minutes, I work to create around 10-15 stunning portraits of your family. ¬†The results are timeless…

Below are samples of a family I’ve photographed for many years. ¬†We were able to achieve these images (and more!) within our 15 minute window. ¬†I just adore them…


If you are interested in participating in our Family Day mini-sessions this year, please email us at for available dates & pricing!

Greetings, friends!

I am finally getting back into the swing of things. ¬†Life as a family of 4 is settling down for us, and our team is busy preparing for one of the busiest Falls we’ve ever had. ¬†It feels really good to be back with my clients.

Before going on maternity leave in late July, I photographed a number of families in Athens.  This blue eyed beauty is the newest addition to the Knox family, and I just adore her name РGeorgia Mae.  She has a striking resemblance to her older brother Neely!



These past couple of weeks have been a blur of happy moments. ¬†Little moments that I am cherishing now as I’m living through it, but moments that I know won’t be so vivid in the not-so-distant future when our family is beating at a different rhythm. ¬†That is why I’m grateful for these moments captured on whatever device I have on me‚Ķ Truth be told, I haven’t taken out my DSLR once since little Elise was born, but I don’t feel like her first two weeks have been ill-recorded in any way. ¬†On the contrary, I’m thrilled.

Late into the evenings, as I’m going on about 2 hours of sleep and she’s fed, burped, changed and swaddled‚Ķ I catch myself just holding & staring at her and wanting desperately to remember just how tiny she is. ¬†And how sweet she smells. ¬†She’s an easy baby that never cries or demands our attention other than the expected 3 hour feed. ¬†And I can’t help but to sit there and smile at my little blessing of a baby that I love more than I could thoroughly express.

The late evenings are our time together, just she and I, and no matter how sleep-deprived I am – it’s one of my favorite times of the day.

Here is a peak at some of the little happy moments caught with my iPhone during Elise’s first 2 weeks of life. ¬†I caught myself getting back to work and the swing of things very early after she was born (2 days & at the hospital), but my attention quickly diverted when we all returned home and I realized my toddler needed my attention more than our businesses‚Ķ It’s been a good adjustment for us all.

And who can forget my wonderful NAPCP girlfriends who coordinated a newborn photo shoot for Baby Elise at 1 week old.  Such an amazing blessing to have them all in my life!


The Parks are taking it slowly these days, enjoying our little family one day at a time. ¬†We’re all in love with her and her delicate personality, and we’re taking in every bit of her as much as we can.

For those of you who asked, I’m set on my daily chronicling of Baby Elise just as I did for Project Lyon. ¬†Can’t wait to share them with you all‚Ķ.

Dear Friends,

Alice and I would love to introduce you to our daughter, Elise Tsui Tin Park. ¬†She arrived¬†on Saturday at 7:30pm¬†weighing 7lb 3oz and 19.5″ long. ¬†Alice and baby Elise are doing well and our family is excited for this new chapter in our lives.

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Thank you for all of your thoughts & prayers.

Kyu, Alice, Lyon & Elise

These precious one-year portraits were taken of Eleanor and her family right before I took off for maternity leave at 37 weeks.  I have been photographing their family since their oldest Caroline was a newborn, and her family has become wonderful friends that I look forward to visiting every season….